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Table of Contents: May 2017; 7 (5)

Full Articles


Otoide, J. E.
Microscopic and metrical analyses of the fibers in the woody stem of Theobroma cacao Linn
Agric. Sci. Res. J., [251KB ] [Full Text PDF] pp. 177 – 180

Raphiou Adissa AMINOU, Emilias Eustache AINANOU and Gaston S. AKOUEHOU
Endogenous practices of parasitoid biological control: Papaya sola (Carica papaya Linnaeus.) in the control of mealybug (Paracoccus marginatus Williams & Granara of Willink, 1992) in the Commune of Allada in the South of Benin
Agric. Sci. Res. J., [465KB ] [Full Text PDF] pp. 181 – 189