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Global Impact Factor: 0.675

Table of Contents: July 2017; 7 (7)

Full Articles

Badoua Badiel, Rasmata Nana, Léopold Nanema, Bibata Konate, Alain Ignassou Djinet, Memti Mberdoum Nguinambaye and Zoumbiessé Tamini
Temporary water stress effect on vegetative and flowering stages of sesame (Sesamun Indicum L.) plants
Agric. Sci. Res. J., [437KB ] [Full Text PDF] pp. 230 – 240

Idrisu, M., Ugioro, O., Asowata, F.E. Nduka, B.A
Effect of different botanicals on mineral, proximate, phytochemicals of varying colours and weights (sizes) of kola (C. nitida) at 6 weeks after curing.
Agric. Sci. Res. J., [250KB ] [Full Text PDF] pp. 241 – 246

Jean-Paul Koffi Maïzan BOUATENIN, Alfred Kohi KOUAME, Abel Zamblé Bi Irié BOLI, Theodore N’dédé Djeni, Hervé Eby MENAN, Marcellin Koffi DJE
Technical sheet of the influence of grinding technical on some biochemical characteristics of the fermented cassava dough for the production of Attieke.
Agric. Sci. Res. J., [425KB ] [Full Text PDF] pp. 247 – 251